Pints on the Plaza

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A Beer Garden on the Windmill Plaza
Tuesday, July 12 | 4:30 - 8:30 PM

Pints on the Plaza is a family friendly event that offers something for everyone. The event will feature craft beer, hard seltzer, live music, food and dessert trucks, outdoor family games and activities. 

Craft Beer, Seltzer and Food 
Provided by Stone Arch Tied House

Pizza served up by

Desserts & Treats 
Served by The Main Celebration and Carnival Time Popcorn

celebration popcorn

Live Music 5 - 8 PM
Austin Skalecki
SkaleckiAustin Skalecki is a singer-songwriter based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. He creates a unique blend of sound with influence from folk, blues, and rock music. Diving into Austin's music, you will discover storytelling acoustic tracks with heartfelt lyrics, memorable guitar melodies, and wailing harmonica. He presents an authentic entertainment experience you won't want to miss!