The Street Department has responsibility for the following:
  • Maintaining 57 miles of paved streets
  • Patching and Repairing of Asphalt and Concrete Streets, grading and graveling
  • Snow and Ice Control 
  • Leaf pickup 

    The Village is requesting that leaves be placed on the terrace (grass area between sidewalk and street) and NOT on the street for the following reasons: Safety - obstruct traffic flow, Obstruction - block the normal drainage flow of water on the street and block storm sewer, and Extra Phosphorus - reduces this nutrient in our stormwater.  If your property does not have a terrace place the leaves in your front lawn as close to the street as possible.

    Note:  Grass clippings and garden debris will be accepted as well in this collection. BRUSH WILL NOT.  Items need to be under the size of an apple so not to clog the vacuum.  For example – no pumpkins or pumpkin vines that are not cut up will be accepted.  Keep leaves five feet away from polycarts, fire hydrants or any other structures.

    Collection will continue until the snow accumulates or December 1st. 

    If you have any questions you can call (920) 423-3865.

Permits Issued By The Public Works Dept.

Roads Posted With Seasonal Weight Restrictions

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Snow and Ice Control

Street Department Contacts

  • Kent Taylor, Director of Public Works
  • Jasen Surin, Operations Manager