Liquor and Other Licenses and Permits

License Information
The Village of Little Chute welcomes your application.  In order to process your application in a timely manner, please review the procedures listed below.
  • Applicant completes application and files it in the Village Clerk's office.
  • Fees due at the time of filing application are collected by the Finance Department.
  • Application is processed internally according to Village Ordinances and State Laws.
  • Applications are sent to the Police Department for background checks.
  • Applicants name/business are checked for any outstanding fees/fines/taxes/charges due to the Village.
  • Once internal processing is completed the license will go before Village Board for approval if Village Board approval is part of the application process.
  • Applicant will be contacted once their license is approved and any remaining licensing fees must be paid before license is issued.
  • Click Here to view the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Informational Pamphlet.

If you have any questions regarding licensing matters, please contact the Village Clerk at (920) 788-7380 or email Village Clerk.

Licenses and Permits Fee and Approval Process Schedule/Forms

Licensing/Permit Application Forms
Liquor License Applications                                                                    Solicitors, Peddlers, Canvassers & Transient Merchants
Permit Applications