Trial Procedures

When your case is called please come forward.

The prosecution will first call and question witnesses individually.

  • You or your attorney may cross-examine the witness
  • The prosecutor may redirect (ask additional questions of)
  • You or your attorney may then re-cross examine
  • After calling all of their witnesses the prosecution will rest its case

At this time you or your attorney may call your witnesses individually.

  • You or your attorney will have the opportunity to first question your witnesses
  • The prosecutor may cross-examine your witness
  • You or your attorney may re-direct (ask additional questions of)
  • Subject to the court’s approval the prosecutor may re-cross examine the witness

At this time you have the opportunity to take the stand and testify in your own defense.

The prosecutor may ask questions of your testimony.

After all testimony is complete, I will ask for closing statements from each side.  I will adjudicate the case and impose sentencing. 

One additional point I do not have prior knowledge of cases coming before me.  All differences are resolved within the framework of Wisconsin state statutes and Little Chute Village ordinances.