2015 - 2019 Strategic Plan

In 2014, from January through October, the Village of Little Chute Board of Trustees, staff and Strategic Planning Advisory Committee worked to draft the Village's first ever Strategic Plan. The Village of Little Chute 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is meant to serve as a road map for where the Village is strategically headed over the next 5 years.

Of course, most day to day services will remain unchanged, but this plan will guide a number of other actions within the Village to ensure that we are achieving the goals as identified in the plan. Below you will find the main pieces of the plan and as we continue to implement this strategy, we will update key documents. Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions on the strategic plan or its process, please contact the Village Administrator.

Expanding horizons and exceeding expectations.

Little Chute is committed to preserving community character, enhancing quality of life, and building a sustainable community for future generations through visionary leadership and citizen engagement.

Effectiveness - The resources of the Village are managed in a cohesive, responsible manner while meeting the needs of the community through appropriate communication, planning, and response to input. Village personnel, as well as elected officials, maintain competency through professional development to ensure the efficacy of their actions.

Continuity - We actively apply our mission, values, and vision in all matters to develop and provide the most consistent, positive, and efficient service to residents, business owners, and community partners. Our focus on unity and teamwork fosters an environment which encourages and enables all Village employees to embrace our shared vision and empowers all to participate in providing services that exceed expectations.

Accountability - Through open and honest communication, we seek to understand the wants and needs of our community in order to serve as responsible stewards of public funds and requests entrusted to us by residents, business owners, and community partners. We have the courage to hold ourselves and others accountable. We are dedicated to working with integrity by owning our decisions, fixing our mistakes, and sharing our successes.

Excellence -We will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of residents and stakeholders in the Village of Little Chute, with a commitment to teamwork and collaboration in order to achieve superb results. We are committed to tackling difficult issues head on, while pushing past the status quo and motivated by the possibility of continuous improvement.

Open Mindedness - We nurture new and expansive patterns of thinking by being willing and able to thinking outside of the box. We look at situations from multiple points of view and encourage divergent thinking that leads to innovative solutions. When pressured to seek quick fixes for tough challenges, we instead take the long view and seek lasting structural solutions.

Strategic Initiatives
Each focus area has initiatives that will be enacted over the next 5 years that ensure we achieve our mission and vision. For more exact details on each initiative and area of focus, please see the strategic plan overview.

Efficient and Effective - We will utilize our human, financial and capital assets to their greatest potential and in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Economic Development
- We will create and implement an all-encompassing economic development strategy that maintains community character while marketing the Village of Little Chute as a destination.

Intergovernmental Cooperation
- We will work in a cohesive and effective manner to leverage the resources of our local, regional and state partners.

Civic Engagement
- We encourage, welcome, and seek out an active and engaged citizenry on everything we do.