Community Support

The Fox Valley Metro Police Department is dedicated to creating partnerships with members of the community to help further our guiding principles of compassion, integrity, and professionalism. With the Community Support position, Fox Valley Metro is able to work with local businesses, landlords, and neighborhoods to make our community a safer place.

Looking for information on our area Sex Offender Ordinance and Appeal Forms? Click here.

Scam Alerts

Unfortunately scams are such a common thing in our society today. It can be difficult to keep up with current scam trends.

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau tracks these scams and has an information page on their website.

Click here for the link to their scam alert web page.

This is also the link to their website:


Crime Prevention and Safety Tips:

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Are you and your family prepared to get through a large natural disaster, or terrorist attack? Take a look at the below links from FEMA for tips on creating an emergency kit to assist your family.

Are you selling a firearm to a private party?
Take a look at what ATF recommends as best practice before selling your firearm. Click Here

5 ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim:

  1. Lock your car doors: Thieves often look for unlocked cars, then rummage through the car for items to steal.
  2. Never leave items in plain sight: Never give a thief a reason to try entering your vehicle.
  3. Never leave your keys in the car or ignition: Not only will thieves steal your belongings but they may take your car for a joyride.
  4. Close overhead garage doors, and lock service doors: Thieves may also try to target your garage, if given an easy opportunity.
  5. Report suspicious activity:  FVMPD Officers can't be everywhere so citizens are our eyes and ears to the community. Please report any suspicious behavior immediately.