Village Plaza

Rent the Plaza
If you are a business looking for a great spot to hold your event, then consider renting the Village Plaza space between Village Hall and the Little Chute Windmill. The Village Plaza is located right off of Main street and receives a lot of visibility to the general public. There are some capabilities for electrical and water hookups. If you are interested in renting the Village Plaza for your event please follow the process below.


  1. Fill Out a “Request to Rent the Village Plaza” form – The resident will fill out the “Request to Rent the Village Plaza” form. On this form the resident will state the date, time, purpose, if they will be selling food or merchandise, and any special needs for their rental.
  2. Director Review – The Parks, Recreation, & Forestry Director will review this request. The Director will inform the resident of any issues that violate the Village Plaza Rental Policies and Procedures. The Director will also check for any conflicts with the date or time.
  3. Fill out a “Village Plaza Rental Agreement Form” – If the “Request to Rent the Village Plaza” form is approved then the resident will be sent a “Village Plaza Rental Agreement Form.” This form is read and signed so the resident acknowledges and understands that they will abide by the Village Plaza Rental Policies and Procedures. 
If you have any questions about renting the Village Plaza please contact the Parks, Recreation, & Forestry Director at 920-423-3868 or