Nechodom Good Citizenship Award

2024 Award Announcement 


The Nechodom Good Citizenship Award was created in the year 2000 and was first awarded in 2001.

For more information reference the December 16 Resolution 42. Series of 2020, Restating the Established Framework of the Robert A. Nechodeom Good Citizen Award. 


The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals, organizations, or businesses in the Little Chute community who have demonstrated acts of good citizenship that gives a positive impact on Little Chute's quality of life. The award will be presented annually in the spring at the first regular February Village Board Meeting to the recipient by the Village President.


Nominations should be submitted to the Village Clerk on a form provided by the Village. Any resident of the Village may make nominations for consideration. All nominations will be forwarded or should be delivered to the Village Administrator.

To nominate an individual, organization, or business in the Little Chute community please fill out the Nomination Form. 

The selection committee shall consider the following criteria when reviewing nominations for this award:

  1. Village employees will NOT be eligible for this award while still actively employed by the Village.
  2. Nominations will be accepted from December 1st through January 1 every year, with the awardee being presented to the Village Board for approval. 
  3. Members of any Village Board and elected officials will not be considered until they no longer serve in that capacity provided they have otherwise demonstrated outstanding leadership and vision of progress while serving in such position for the municipality.
  4. Nominations will be reviewed by a three person Nomination Committee comprised of the Village President, the Village Administrator and one member of the immediate Robert Nechodom Family. 
  5. The nominee must have performed some act or series of acts demonstration good citizenship as a member of the Little Chute community, which has a positive impact on the community.
    • Demonstrating superiority, innovation, or leadership in a particular field which brings favor or acclaim to the entire community.
    • Improving and enhancing the image of the Little Chute community as evidence by generous donation of time, talents, or resources.
    • Outstanding efforts to promote the goodwill, fellowship, and/or quality of life enjoyed in the Little Chute Community.
    • Demonstrating a deep and sincere caring for the under-privileged, handicapped, elderly, or youth as manifested in donation of time and talents or service work.
    • Advancing partnerships within the community and displaying cooperative attitude in developing working relationships for the betterment of the citizens of Little Chute
  • Performing valuable, behind-the-scene support which results in the successful achievement of a project or activity.                    


  • 2001 - Ed Spierings
  • 2002 - Monsignor James VandenHogen
  • 2003 - Crystal Print
  • 2004 - Donald DeGroot- Village President 1981-1997
  • 2006 - Peter Arts
  • 2007 - Rose Kuhn
  • 2017 - Jim and Sue Spierings
  • 2018 - Gene and Virgie Janssen
  •  2019 - Chris Hietpas and Todd Hietpas
  • 2020 - Ellen and Louie Mischler
  • 2021 - Todd and Lori Vanderloop
  • 2022 - Al Zierler

2023 Winners:  Doug and Paula Slater

The Village of Little Chute is proud to honor you for your dedication and service to the Village through the countless hours you have volunteered to benefit the Chute-ing Stars and the Little Chute High School dance teams. Your selfless donation of your time and talents to the dance programs truly embodies the spirit of this award. We appreciate all that you both contribute to make Little Chute a great place!

Their hard work and effort to benefit others truly embodies the spirit of the Robert A. Nechodom Good Citizenship Award.  The Village of Little Chute is fortunate to count your family as residents.