Downtown Master Plan

Downtown Little Chute is known for its commitment to heritage and traditional architecture that drawn in residents and visitors alike. The Downtown Master Plan is a comprehensive planning document that identifies the strategies to revitalize the downtown area over the next five years. The last downtown master plan, created in 1988, aimed to create more parking, realign streets, and create more retail opportunities. Since that time, parking has been improved and, for a time, the retail opportunities were improving as well. Unfortunately, due to the most recent recession, retail and commercial markets have changed markedly. This has created the opportunity for the Village to reset the downtown strategy in need of a new master plan that will revitalize downtown for generations to come.

The downtown area has key aspects that will aid in the revitalization of the area. The Windmill is, and will continue to be, the center piece of the downtown area and this master plan focuses all revitalization efforts around the amenity and the importance of the old world European charm. Within the Master Plan there are four key strategic initiatives that, if properly executed, will give the downtown area the dedicated focus and attention it needs. The strategic initiatives are as follows:

  • Retain, expand, and recruit businesses to the Downtown
  • Enhance the old world European façade and general atmosphere
  • Create a welcoming environment to attract visitors, consumers and new residents
  • Connect the Downtown to the Fox River

Each initiative has goals and actions associated with them to better outline how to effectively achieve outcomes resulting in an improved downtown.  Together this lays out a comprehensive plan on how to improve the downtown and ensure that the Village of Little Chute is well positioned for growth and economic vitality for years to come.

Link to Master Plan