Business Improvement/Facade Renovation Program

The Little Chute Village Board has adopted a Design Manual primarily applicable within the Central Business District to create and retain the vision of a heritage destination in downtown Little Chute with an Old World European character. The purpose of the manual’s requirements is to preserve, create, and promote the unique charm, atmosphere, and historical aspects of the community.

Goals and objectives are as follows: 

  1. To renovate existing commercial properties and structures in accordance with an Old World European theme to harmonize with the authentic Dutch Windmill Project in the downtown and to reflect the Dutch heritage of the Village
  2. To attract new businesses and to retain existing businesses currently located in the Village
  3. To retain existing jobs and bring additional employment opportunities into the Village
  4. To provide an incentive and financial assistance to business and property owners to improve their building facades and signage in accordance with an Old World European design theme
  5. To help make the Village of Little Chute a tourist destination by exhibiting the appearance of a Village that cares about its built environment, the residents who live in the Village and the visitors who travel to and through the Village. 
  6. To encourage the maintenance, expansion and improvement of the Village’s Central Business District and improve the viability of the downtown and other commercial areas as important commercial districts in the Village of Little Chute and Fox Valley region.

Link to Business Improvement/Facade Renovation

Link to Facade Renovation and Sign Grant Program Application