Citizen Commissions and Committees

Appointments to all Committee/Commissions are made at the Village's Organizational meeting that is held at the 2nd Regular Board meeting in April*. All Committee/Commission appointments must be approved by the Village Board.

*Except the Water Commission where appointments are made in October each year.

If you are interested in serving the Village as a member of a committee/commission/board, please complete and submit the Committee/Commission Member Appointment Application

2023 Meeting Schedule
2022 Meeting Schedule

Residency Requirements

Only citizens residing in the Village shall be appointed in a voting capacity to any Village Board, committee or commission except that the Director of Public Works as Plan Commission member may reside outside the Village and may vote in such capacity.
Any board, committee or commission member who moves from the Village shall be removed from such board, committee or commission, but may be appointed to serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Attendance Standards
Members of boards, committees and commissions are required to attend a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the meetings in each six (6) month period of their respective bodies.