The Village Administrator is appointed by the Village Board to serve as the chief administrative officer of the Village.
The major functions and duties of the Village Administrator include:
  • General and supervisory control of all departments of the Village
  • Annually prepares and submits a Village Budget to the Village Board for review and approval
  • Oversees all expenditures and purchases made by the Village in accordance with Village purchasing policies
  • Serves as the Village’s Personnel Officer responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of Personnel Rules and Regulations
  • Carries out all directives and policies approved by the Village Board which require administrative implementation through coordination of the various Village Departments
  • Monitoring of proposed federal, state, and county legislation potentially affecting the village
  • Promotion of the economic well-being and growth of the Village through public and private sector cooperation.

The Village Clerk is a member of the Department of Administration and works in conjunction with the Village Administrator to assist in conducting the business of the Village and is also responsible for management of all official records related to the Village.

Service Problems and Complaints
If a citizen or individual is experiencing a problem with Village services or has a complaint, they should first contact the Village Department that is responsible for providing that service or addressing the issue of concern.

If you have contacted the responsible department and the problem or concern has not been resolved satisfactorily, you should refer complaint/concern to the Village Administrator for further investigation.

Please feel free to use our Village's online Service Request feature available through this website to submit your problem or concern.