Utility Commission

Meetings of the Utility Commission
The Village of Little Chute Utility Commission meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at  6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall in the Village Board Room.

Utility Commission Agenda

Utility Commission Minutes 

Members of the Utility Commission
The Utility Commission consists of five (5) citizen members who serve for a five (5) year term.
The Village President, Finance Director, Director of Public Works, Village Administrator and the Utilities Contracted Operations Manager regularly attend the meetings of the Utility Commission.
Commission members are appointed by the Village Board in October.

Members of the Utility Commission

  • Kevin Coffey - Chairperson - Current Term 2021-2026                    Email: Kcoffey238@gmail.com
  • Michael Vanden Berg - Village President - Terms ends 2024
  • Ken Verstegen - Current Term - 2023 - 2028
  • Vacant
  • Tom Buchholz - Current Term - 2021-2024
  • Jessica Schultz - Current Term - 2022-2027

Duties of the Utility Commission

  • Command the services of the Village Engineer and Utility Manager and may employ and fix the compensation of such subordinate agents and employees as it deems necessary.
  • Makes all necessary rules for its proceedings and for the government and management of the Village of Little Chute Water Utility, Water Plant and system and shall keep the necessary books of accounts and records in a manner and form prescribed by the Public Service Commission.
  • The Commission shall supervise all extensions and improvements of said water works plant and systems.
  • The Commission is given power to contract directly for expenditures required in operating said utility and the further power to contract directly for extensions, additions and improvements but not without approval of the Village Board if such expenditures require the Commission or the Village to borrow money or to levy a tax.
  • Approve payment of vouchers.
  • Additional responsibilities as outlined in the Village Code of Ordinances.