Community Development

Department Overview

The Community Development Department serves Little Chute residents and businesses by assisting, regulating, and preserving residential and commercial development within the Village.

The Community Development Department strives to maintain the aesthetic beauty of Little Chute while enhancing the quality of life of its residents and ensuring the protection of public health, safety, and welfare within the Village.

The Department provides property assessment services for the Village and information and contacts for owners wishing to annex property to the Village.

In addition, the Department also provides information and contacts for Village properties available for development.


REMINDER:  Securing and Anchoring of Yard Accessories

The Village has become aware of an increasing number of lawn accessories such as but not limited to; portable gazebos, screen shelters, sun shades, play equipment, trampolines, etc.  Such items need to be anchored to the ground to prevent them from being carried by strong winds.

Strong winds in the past two years have caused some items described above to be tossed against buildings or onto neighboring property.  In order to prevent damage to property and possible injuries, the Village is asking everyone to secure and anchor these items as directed within the included manufacturer's instructions accompanying the products when purchased.

Thank you for doing your part to improve our Village.