Fire Department

The Village of Little Chute Volunteer Fire Department was originally founded in November of 1901 when the Village purchased its first fire engine. The Department was officially organized in 1907 and recently celebrated the 100th Anniversary of their service to the Village of Little Chute. 
Open Burning Ordinance 

 Sec. 18-27. - Open burning.

(a) Prohibited. No person shall build any outdoor fire within the corporate limits of the village except as set forth in subsection (b) of this section. Any permit issued is valid for one week. This prohibition on burning includes burning of construction waste and debris at construction sites.

(b) Conditions. No open outdoor fires are permitted unless the following conditions apply:

(1) Only wood, charcoal, or propane and natural gas fuels may be utilized.

(2) Fire containment devices including pits shall not be permitted within 25 feet of any combustible or structure, or within ten feet of a lot line unless mutually agreed upon by the neighboring property owner.

(3) The fire must be attended at all times by an adult with access to a fire extinguisher or garden hose as a means to extinguish fire readily available.

(4) No fires are permitted if the wind speed exceeds ten miles per hour.

(5) Upon completion, the fire must be completely extinguished to prevent accidental reignition.

(6) Fire pits or other fire containment devices shall not exceed four feet in diameter.

(7) Flames shall be kept below three feet in height above the pit or other fire containment device.

(8)    Portable listed and rated fire pits shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and shall be placed on a non-combustible surface that is at least one and half (1.5) times larger than the size of the portable fire pit.  In the absence of manufacturer’s recommendations, fire tables shall be at least fifteen (15) feet from any type of building or structure, combustible material of any form, or property line.

(9)    Any propane or natural gas fire tables must follow all manufactures specifications.  In the absence of manufacturers recommendations fire tables shall be at least 15 feet from any type of building or structure, combustible material of any form, or property line.

(10)  All portable fire pits and fire tables must be listed and rated devices.  Homemade devices and converted grills are prohibited.

(11)  Only clean dry wood can be burned.  The burning of garbage, trash, refuse, treated wood, painted/varnished wood, plastic, rubber, construction lumber, and flammable liquids, and/or combustible liquids in any form is prohibited.  Burning of leaves, yard waste, or brush is prohibited.

(12)  Recreational fires, barbeque pits, portable fire pits, and portable outdoor fire places are permitted on properties zoned residential and occupied by a single or two family residences.

(c) Chief may prohibit. The fire chief is permitted to prohibit any or all bonfires and outdoor fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.

(d) Chief may permit. Controlled burning of grass or similar vegetation for environmental management purposes, or ceremonial bonfires, with prior written approval of the fire chief may be permitted.

(e) Burning on streets. No materials may be burned upon any street, curb, gutter or sidewalk.

(f) Order to discontinue. The fire chief, his designee, or law enforcement officials are authorized to require discontinuance of burning if they determine that smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding properties or if the fire is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

(g) Liability. Persons utilizing and maintaining outdoor fires shall be responsible for any liability resulting from damage caused by his fire.

(Code 2006, § 5-2-9; Ord. No. 17(Ser. of 2002), 12-4-2002; Ord. No. 12(Ser. of 2008), § 1, 10-15-2008)