The Community Development Director and Building Inspector have provided updated policy and guidance related to COVID-19 - you can find these updates by clicking here.

The requirements for obtaining a permit is for the benefit of the property owner.  There are code requirements which must be followed for each trade involved in a project.  These code requirements have been developed by the State of Wisconsin to provide for the health and safety of all occupants within the building.  The Village of Little Chute has elected to supervise these requirements through the Inspections Department by requiring permits and inspections of all ongoing projects. Once a permit has been issued for a trade, the Inspections Department will then perform continuing inspections on the project to verify that the code requirements have been met.

When the project is completed, a final inspection will be made.  If no violations of codes are found that would affect the health or safety of the occupants, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the project. 

Please refer to the Inspections Department's Informational Document or contact the Inspections Department if you have any questions.
Permit Requirements
The following activities require issuance of a permit prior to commencement of work on the portion of the project covered by that activity.
  • Construction of any building - this category includes; Houses, garages, storage sheds and any structure that forms an enclosure. 
  • Additions to buildings, porches, decks, etc.
  • Remodeling - this category includes; roofing, siding, kitchen cabinets, windows, paneling, moving or eliminating walls, etc. but does not include painting or carpeting.
  • Heating and Ventilating:
    • Any installation of heating equipment and the heat runs to the various rooms of the building.
    • Any replacement of any existing unit.
    • Any change in the fuel source.
  • Electrical System - Any work on the electrical system must be performed by an electrician licensed by the Village of Little Chute, except that the owner of a one family residence, owned and occupied by the owner as the owner's home, may perform wiring beyond the main disconnect within that home; however, a permit must still be issued for such work.
  • Plumbing - All plumbing must be performed by a State of Wisconsin licensed plumber,  licensed for the installation contemplated, except that the owner of a one family residence, owned and occupied by the owner as the owner's home, may perform within that home; however, a permit must still be issued for such work. Plumbing Permit
  • Miscellaneous Permits - Permits are also required for the following activities:
    • Curb Cut (Public Works Dept.)
    • Fences
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Moving of Buildings
    • Sheds
    • Swimming Pools
    • Demolition of Buildings
    • Signs
    • Hot Tubs

Information on specific projects is listed below.