Permits Issued by the Building Inspector
Building permits can now be applied for online! Any New Construction for Single Family and Two-Family Homes must be applied for through the State of Wisconsin portal HERE
All other Building Permits for can be applied for through our online Program Cloud Permit* by clicking HERE 
*For additional help with the Cloud Permit please see video below:
Permits may still be applied for in-person at the Building Inspector's Office located on the third floor of Village Hall. 
Please email with any questions. 

Payments still must be either check or cash and can be paid for in person at Village Hall, Mailed in or placed in our Drop Box located at the Grant Street Entrance to the Village Hall.

DSPS Application Frequently Asked Questions

For information regarding required documentation see the Informational Brochure or contact the  Inspections Department. 
Commercial Electrical Permits to be pulled through the state system: Click Here to Access
NOTE:  To obtain permits for work to be done within the street right-of-way
(new and rehab sidewalk, new and rehab driveway approaches, curb openings, curb replacement, new and replacement culvert installation, erosion control permit, right-of-way/easement) please go to the second floor of Village Hall at 108 W. Main Street in Little Chute - Public Works.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  No credit card payments for permits, cash and check only please.

To view a list of right-of-way permits online click here.

Zoning Related Applications and Permits

Application / Permit Description Fee Ordinance reference
Zoning Change Request for a change in zoning $175 Sec. 44-488 
Zoning Occupation To be filled out any time a new tenant/business is moving into a new space or opening a new business. None  Sec. 44
Conditional Use There are certain uses which, because of their unique characteristics, cannot be property classified as unrestricted permitted uses in any particular district, without consideration, and require a Conditional Use permit. Requires Approval by the Plan Commission. $125  Sec 44 Article IV (Sec. 44-113)
Bed and Breakfast Conditional Use Bed and breakfast establishments shall be considered conditional uses and may be permitted in residential districts pursuant to Village requirements. Requires Approval by the Plan Commission.  $125 Sec. 44-125
Home Business (Occupation) A form of a conditional use to provide a means to accommodate a small family business without the necessity of a rezoning into a commercial district. Requires Approval by the Plan Commission. $125  Sec. 44-126
Site_Plan_Review For any new Commercial construction, to ensure plans meet all Village Ordinances/requirements. Meet with the Community Development Director before submitting. $500  Sec. 44-464
Design Review Board All plans for new buildings, additions, and exterior modifications except for roof resurfacing to existing buildings in the Central Business district shall be reviewed by the Design Review Board and approved prior to issuance of a building permit. None Sec. 44-50 and Little Chute Design Manual 
P.U.D Review For a Planned Unit Development review, please speak with staff prior to officially submitting a P.U.D Review to discuss. $50 Sec. 44 Article III
Temporary Use Temporary or mobile uses may be permitted by the zoning administrator for no longer than one continuous 90-day period annually when determined not to be in conflict with the neighboring uses and the general provisions within the zoning district in which located. $175  Sec. 44-13
Variance A request for a variance may be made when an aggrieved party can submit proof that strict adherence to the provisions of the Zoning Code would cause undue hardship or create conditions causing greater harmful effects than the initial condition. A variance granted to a nonconforming use brings that use into conformance with the district and zoning requirements. $175 Sec. 44-521
Zoning Board of Appeals  Appeals to the board of appeals may be taken by any person aggrieved or by any officer, department, board or bureau of the village affected by any decision of the administrative officer. Such appeal shall be taken within a reasonable 30 days of the alleged grievance or judgment in question.  $175  Sec 44-517
Subdivision Plat & CSM For Preliminary plat, Final Plat and CSM review: See below  
  Preliminary Plat $100+$5/lot Sec. 42-41
  Final Plat $50 +$2/lot  Sec.42-42
  Certified Survey Map (CSM) $50  Sec. 42-43