Road Projects

The Village of Little Chute Department of Public Works is constantly undertaking a variety of projects ranging form road construction, water and sewer replacement and storm water management. Throughout the course of the year, road project updates will be available.

2018 Utility & Street Reconstrucion

Construction Update:

June 20th Update:

Wilson:   Temporary water is in effect for properties on Wilson Street, Sanitary sewer main is currently being installed from McKinley towards Main Street.

Hayes:   Water services continue to be replaced.

Construction has begun on Hayes and Wilson Streets.  The streets are now open to resident traffic only until the end of construction.

Daytona, Hayes, and Wilson streets failing infrastructure will be replaced. The proposed work includes pavement structure, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, curb and gutter, sidewalk, topsoil and grass restoration. The new pavement will be comprised of two 11-foot-wide drive lanes and one 6-foot-wide parking lane.  

The Downtown Storm Sewer project is to redirect the storm water to a detention pond before entering the Fox River also allowing for redevelopment of the downtown area.

Public Hearing - 3/7/18

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Hearing Powerpoint Presentation

Preliminary Engineer's Report

Hayes Street Walk Thru Letter

Wilson Street & Daytona Lane Walk Thru Letter

Resolution and Assessment Statement Letter

2018 Hayes Street and Wilson Street and Downtown Storm Sewer  -
Utility and Street Reconstruction

Bids Closed
2018-001 - Utilities
2018-002 - Paving

Description: The bid is now closed for this project.  To see results Click Here.

2018 Daytona Lane - Street Reconstruction

Bid Closed
2018-003 Paving

Description: The bid is now closed for this project.  To see results Click Here

WIS 441 Bridge Painting
Project Location:  WIS 441 over Fox River, WIS 96, and Railroad Outagamie County

WISDOT will be conducting a maintenance painting project on the WIS 441 bridge over the Fox River, WIS 96, and Canadian National Railroad. Anticipated work will begin in April 2018.  Work will continue until November 2018 and finish any remaining work in April of 2019.  

WIS 441 will remain open to at least one lane of traffic in each direction at all times during the project.  The single lane closures will be limited to nighttime only from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Thank you for your patience throughout the reconstruction process!