Terrace Tree Program

The Village budgets money to plant trees on the terrace for any taxpayer that would like to purchase them.  Terrace tree applications will be accepted at the Little Chute Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department (108 W. Main Street) on a first-come, first-serve basis starting in June.  The taxpayer's cost per terrace tree will be $80.00, with the balance being paid with budgeted money.  The final deadline for terrace tree applications is Friday, July 29 (as long as budgeted funds remain).

Select link below to access current application.
The homeowner may specify a particular species of tree in their application, but the final determination will be made by the Forestry Department to avoid dangerous and costly maintenance of trees, and to assure the "right tree" is planted for the future.  Village staff will plant the trees starting in the fall.  Trees are balled and burlaped with a minimum of a 1.5" trunk diameter, and planted as specified by the Village of Little Chute Forestry Manual.  Property owners must have curb and gutter before they can have terrace trees.  Specified requirements are that trees be 10 feet from driveways, 15 feet from utility water shut-off valves or hydrants, 20 feet from any overhead street light pole, 25 feet from existing trees in yard, 60 feet from nearest corner intersection, and a minimum of 40 feet from each other.

If you have any questions about the terrace tree program, please call us at (920) 423-3869.