2017 Ordinances and Resolutions

2017 Resolutions
Resolution No.   1-  A Resolution Amending Resolution No. 1, Series of 2001 Regarding the Polling Sites for all Elections Held in the Village of Little Chute
Resolution No.   2-  A Resolution Granting Of A Storm Sewer Easement Upon Lot #34 of Village North Subdivision
Resolution No.   3-  An Initial Resolution Regarding Industrial Development Bonds for Darboy Development, LLC/Heartland Technology Group
Resolution No.   4-  A Resolution Regarding Public Bidding and Non-Discrimination in Connection with Industrial Development Revenue Bond Financing
Resolution No.   5-  A Resolution Designating Public Depositories and Custodian
Resolution No.   6-  A Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate Located at 3211-3213 Buchanan Road to Keegan J. Murphy
Resolution No.   7-  A Resolution Change Polling Locations for April 4, 2017 Election
Resolution No.   8-  A Resolution Preliminary Assessment Resolution Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers for           Harvest Trail
Resolution No.   9-  Final Special Assessment Resolution for McKinley Ave., Grand Ave. and N. Wilson Street
Resolution No. 10-  A Resolution Proclaiming Arbor Day in the Village of Little Chute, Outagamie County, Wisconsin
Resolution No. 11-  A Resolution Terminating Tax Incremental District #1 and Authorizing the Village Treasurer to Distribute Excess
Resolution No. 12-  A Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate Located at 904 East Evergreen Drive to Austin Michael Landeau
Resolution No. 13-  A Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate Located at 918 East Evergreen Drive to Juan and Shannon Alcala
Resolution No. 14- Bridgewater CSM
Resolution No. 15-  A Resolution Releasing a Recorded Sanitary Sewer & Water Lateral Utility Easment for Property owned by Steven J. First
Resolution No. 16-  The Village of Little Chute as owners of Parcels #'s 260006500.260006600, and 260006700 presented a Certified Survey Map
Resolution No. 17-  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources NR 208 - Compliance Maintenance Resolution
Resolution No. 18-   Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $3,790,000 for a Building for the Housing of Machinery and Equipment
Resolution No. 19-   Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $945,000 for Equipment for Fire Protection
Resolution No. 20-   Resolution Providing for the Sale of not to exceed $4,735,000 General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bonds, Series 2017A
Resolution No. 21-   Resolution Providing for the sale of Approximately #3,540,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2017B

2017 Ordinances
Ordinance No. 1-     An Ordinance Amending Chapter 34 Public Utilities Article III Sewer Use and Industrial Cost Recovery Rate Regulations
Ordinance No. 2-     An Ordinance Annexing Territory from the Town of Grand Chute