2018 Ordinances and Resolutions

Resolution No.  1-   Landfill Siting Resolution
Resolution No.  2-   Polling Sites
Resolution No.  3 -  Craig Drissen CSM
Resolution No.  4 -  The Main Connection, LLC, CSM
Resolution No.  5 -   Final Special Assessment/Hookup Fees
Resolution No.  5a-  Amending the Final Special Assessment/Hookup Fees
Resolution No.   6 -  Amending Resolution No. 1, Series 2001 Regarding Polling Sites for Elections Held in Little Chute
Resolution No.   7 -  A Preliminary Assessment/Hookup Fee Resolution Declaring the Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers for                                         Hayes Street, Wilson Street and Daytona Lane
Resolution No.   8-   Rejected and Tabled 
Resolution No.   9-   Proclaiming Arbor Day in the Village of Little Chute, Outagamie County
Resolution No. 10-   Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of Documents Relating to the Fox Cities Exhibition Center Project
Resolution No. 11-   Helene Altergott Family Corporation CSM
Resolution No. 12-   Approving the 2018 MS4 General Permit Annual Report
Resolution No. 13-   Approval to Obtain a Cost Share Grant from the Bay Lake Regional Planning Commission for the Purpose of Funding                                     Emerald Ash Border Mitigation Project
Resolution No. 14-   Regarding the Polling Sites for Elections held in Little Chute
Resolution No. 15-   DNR Outdoor Recreation Ad for the Village of Little Chute Parks, Recreation and Forestry
Resolution No. 16-   Final Special Assessment/Hookup fees for Installation and Construction for Hayes, Wilson and Daytona

Ordinance No. 1-     An Ordinance Amending the Village of Little Chute Municipal Code-Chapter 2-Village Government and Elections-
                                Section 155 Fox Valley Metro Police Commission
Ordinance No. 2-     An Ordinance Amending Chapter 34 Public Utilities by Creating Section 34-60 of the Village of Little Chute Municipal                                      Code Regarding Lead Water Laterals
Ordinance No. 3-     An Ordinance Adopted by the Village Board of Trustees Annexing Territory from the Town of VandenBroek where no                                       electors reside in the Territory
Ordinance No. 4-     An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Code Article 1 In General, of the Village of Little Chute Municipal Code by Creating                                  Section 44-20 Regulation of Private Deed Restrictions and Real Estate Covenants within Business District
Ordinance No. 5-     An Annexation Ordinance Annexing Territory from the Town of Vandenbroek where Electors Reside in Territory
Ordinance No. 6-    James Schuh Annexation 
Ordinance No. 7-    Van Groll Family Irrev. Trust Annexation